Absolutely love this post that I stumbled upon (on somebody’s gchat status, btw) on cities and how they affect one’s way of life: ambition, quality of living, style, intelligence, power, wealth, fame, and physical attractiveness.

Sort of ties into Malcolm Gladwell’s hypothesis in his latest book Outliers that one’s success is invariably affected by one’s background and one’s environment. Also, in the field of physical attractiveness, could attractive people tend to cluster together? Is it any wonder that Philadelphia was voted ugliest city in the United States?

Have been snuffling ever since I came back to Singapore. I think that after spending 3 years in another city that has shaped my ambitions and perceptions, I’ve become allergic to the motherland.


One response to “Cities

  1. Paul Graham writes so well he makes me believe that if you write something of great quality, you achieve more impact even if you are slow (compared to blogging/tweeting).

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