About Me

Why, hello. It’s nice to meet you.

I’m from Singapore, though I’ve lived in Philadelphia for the past three years and I’m currently in London attending graduate school. In college, I’ve choreographed for three dance groups, had my parties busted by the po-po, and backpacked in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia and Morocco. I parachuted from planes in the military. I bust out hip-hop moves in elevators. I do good impressions of accents and stereotypes. And yes, eggs are my favorite food.

Trading and economics are personal interests that I hope to blog about here, having experimented with quantitative trading since May 2008. Nothing fancy – I’m no math whiz. Personally, I trade futures: equities, interest rates and commodities.  I am guided by my father, a former professional managed futures trader himself. I don’t personally know anyone doing the same thing as I am, though I would love to meet you if you are.

The purpose of this blog is to keep a record of my decision-making processes and thoughts. I acknowledge that they may not always be the most insightful, and I will almost certainly be wrong, but at least I can go back and understand the decisions I made. This blog is also in part my way of starting a new chapter in my postgraduate life – one that would most certainly be marked by a greater focus on responsibilities, adulthood, and (ugh) money. And so as I record my quest for mastery of the markets, I mustn’t forget to lose the person that I described in the second paragraph. In the words of Steve Jobs at Stanford’s 2005 Commencement speech, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

Enjoy 🙂


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Thanks for the Economists Do It With Models link! Personally, I am a little scared of eggs, but I do like your web site. 🙂

  2. Hi!

    I happened to chance on this blog (and your older one too)–how I don’t remember–and I was just wondering if you could comment on what UPenn was like for you as a Singaporean…I’m actually in JC2 now and UPenn seems like such a vibrant university which I’m really interested in applying to. Any particular insights into this college? 🙂


    • My previous blog pretty much sums up all the love I had for Penn. 🙂 If you’re thinking of applying, I say DO IT!

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